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…via Disruptive Fiber Optic Sensing Technology & Integrated Monitoring Solutions

TPhase Technology

TPhase is a thermal monitoring system including a Fiber Optic as a continuous, linear, sensing element, detecting integrated temperature variation distributed along the full length of the Fiber Optic (from several meters up to kilometers).


The TPhase Control Unit incorporates the laser source and the sensor units.

The Optic thermal sensor data are processed through a unique, proprietary, patented and cost-effective Interferometry Analysis Technology.

Thermal Fiber Optic Sensing ?

Light Beams, progressing through the optical fiber, capture sensible Temperature information about the environment where the optical fiber is deployed. 

No electrical wires. Light. 

Discover a quick overview of the TPhase Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensing Solution and its benefits:

Disruptive Technology ?

The thermal information captured by the light beam is decoded via a unique Image Processing algorithm, eliminating the need for expensive Spectrometry analysis.

Simplified, affordable, easy to implement.


As a sensitive, easy to deploy, continuous temperature variation sensor, TPhase is an ideal solution to monitor thermal Instabilities that can reveal critical danger, events, trends or variations of temperature governing a process or impacting infrastructure and environment health:


Smart Building

  • Power Cable Monitoring
  • Critical Overheating Detection 
  • Fire Outbreaks
  • Hacking, Intrusion

EV Parkings

  • Ultra-Fast Thermal Anomaly Detection: TPhase EV


  • Sap Flow Monitoring
  • Low Flow assessment
  • Low Permeability Fluid transfer
  • Health & Irrigation Monitoring 

Industry / Transformation Process

  • Temperature controlled Process Monitoring
  • Critical temperature variation detection
  • Electrical overload
  • Fire outbreak

Energy: Storage & Transportation

  • Electrical junctions monitoring
  • Electrical overload
  • Leaks Detection
  • Low Flow assessment

IT & Telecommunications

  • Overheating detection
  • Electrical overload
  • Data Center monitoring
  • Hacking, Cable manipulation
  • Intrusion

Risks & Challenges


Application Sectors

Integrated Sensing & Monitoring Services

Emphase design and implement Sensors Systems customized to your application requirements.

TPhase provides an integrated Monitoring, Data Storage, Communication and Alarming Solution, improving your capabilities in Danger Detection and in Process or Assets Management Optimization.


Beyond the technology implementation, Emphase provides support in each phase of the Product / Process evolution:

Research & Development

Accelerated and Affordable Product / Process Validation


In Situ Analysis

Continuous Monitoring

Shifting from reactive to predictive and adaptative Asset / Process Management

Project Management

Getting you started

Getting you implemented

Getting you completed


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Enhancing Human, Environmental, Assets & Transformation Process Integrity via Disruptive Fiber Optic Sensing Technology & Integrated Monitoring Solutions


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