Advanced Thermal Anomaly Detection Solution

TPhase EV

Because Electric Vehicle (EV) Fires differs from Thermal Vehicle Fires

  • Once triggered in a first battery cell, Thermal runaway will energize the self-sustaining and expansion of the heat to the side batteries.
  • Shouting flamesare vented from pressurized battery cells, accelerating the expansion of the fire to other vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Smoke, flammable gases, including dark, heavy metal charged smokes and white, toxic, highly flammable vapor generated by the electrolytes combustion.
  • Higher temperatures are recorded with EV Fires (up to 2750C)
  • Fire Suppression: much more difficult to extinguish,  risk of re-ignition.

EV Fires have a bigger Impact, therefore increase the Risks for Assets Owners

A more complex, self-sustained, energetic fire; prone to expand faster, run longer and requiring more time and resources to extinguish.

Asset Owners / Managers are subjected to:

  • Increased Human Hazards
  • Substantial Infrastructures damages
  • Operational & Business Continuity shut-down

TPhase EV: The Ultra-Fast Thermal Anomaly Detection Solution for EV Parkings

A dedicated implementation of the TPhase Technologies for Electric Vehicle parking infrastructure monitoring, TPhase EV features:

  • A Fiber Optic as the Thermal Sensing Element
    • laid out along a 2D design covering the parking slot and matching the EV battery packs locations.
    • resin-coated on the ground, capturing direct thermal radiation from the battery heat source.
  • detects fast and sensitive suspicious temperature increase before visible flames or smokes are emitted.
  • connects to Automated Infrastructure Management Solutions and Fire Alarm Central System.

What does it mean for You ?​

Early Detection

Early suspicious EV thermal danger detection: direct access to the heat source, minimizing the detrimental impact of surrounding environment or partial visibility.

Fire Safety

Safety, Mitigation and Implementation plans earlier kick-off​


Localization of the heat source to facilitate the intervention​


Substantial Reduction of Human Hazards, Infrastructure damages, Operational & Business Continuity shut-down​


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