Mission & Purpose

Enhancing H.E.A.T. Integrity

We focus on enhancing Human, Environmental, Assets and Transformation Process Integrity.

Our Technology and Solutions are dedicated to provide critical danger detection and mitigation insights, short-term and long-term Asset & Process value optimization, helping our customer to shift from periodic or reactive approach to predictive and adaptive capabilities.

We focus our developments to ensure  new technologies to become economically and environmentally attractive, affordable and impactful, bridging down a gap from large-scale to domestic, local and mid-scale applications.

Delivering Sustainable Value Innovation

By taking a radically different fundamental approach in our Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies developments and therefore, reaching a substantial cost reduction, we ensure these new technologies to become economically and environmentally attractive for mid and lower scale applications, while providing long-term value for our customers.

Delivering Sustainable Value Innovation

We focus our developments to ensure “high-tech” solutions able technologies to bring

Cost-effective Technology development at the service of cost-reduction, 

Our technological developments aim at  

We focus our developments to ensure new technologies to be economically and environmentally attractive and impactful, for domestic, local and mid scale applications.


Frederic Musin

Frederic Musin, PhD.

CEO, Owner & Founder.

Corporate Management, 

R&D, Engineering 

Benoit Deschamps - Emphase

Benoit Deschamps

Chief Commercial Officer

Marketing & Sales,


  • Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the automation industry and Building Energy Monitoring & Optimization (25y,+)
  • Skilled in electronics, environment, process engineering and energy. Masters in Engineering and Environmental sciences.
  • PhD focused on FO Sensing from UMONS, Belgium.

-20,+ years of experience, primarily in Oil & Gas Upstream Technologies & Services Segment. (Drilling, Well Construction & Integrity, Completions & Intervention) spanning from Applied Research; Technology Development & Commercialization, Operational, Commercial & Business Development support functions.

-Subject Matter Expert in realtime Data Processing & Operations optimization

-10,+ years of experience as Senior and Executive VP of Engineering & Technology Leader in Global multi-cultural team management, including 5y overseas appointment (Houston, TX, USA).

–  Fueled by an entrepreneurial mindset, I’m dedicated to help disruptive technologies and behaviors to pave their way and deliver for present & future society needs while creating a unique customer experience.

— Avid Learner and Practitioner, Conscious Leadership Student

  • MSc in Mining Engineering (FPMs, UMONS, Belgium, 2000


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Enhancing Human, Environmental, Assets & Transformation Process Integrity via Disruptive Fiber Optic Sensing Technology & Integrated Monitoring Solutions


Boulevard Albert-Elizabeth, 30 

7000 Mons – Belgium

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