With increasing levels of threats, securing the physical integrity of critical assets or infrastructures remains a major concern for organizations.

This is even more complex for medium to large scale infrastructures, or extended assets, such as electrical wires, where traditional punctual security system leaves blind spots, typically in remote location.

Beyond the costs of the asset itself, the economic and safety impact is significant:

  • Increased safety and fire hazards
  • Operational shut-down
  • Power supply shortage
  • Costs of repair

TPhase eSafe: What it is, What it does ?

  • TPhase eSafe is an Advanced Security Monitoring Solution incorporating a Fiber Optic as the sensing element.
  • The Fiber Optic sensing element is laid out along a specific pattern (1D, 2D), providing either:
        • Perimetric Coverage
        • Area Monitoring
        • Contact & Damage detection
  • Using its unique and patented interferometry analysis, TPhase eSafe detects fast and sensitive suspicious cable manipulation, damage or theft, physical intrusion, Network cable hacking.
  • TPhase eSafe is easily connected to the Security Central System and can be implemented on existing Fiber Optic infrastructures.
  • Applications: Property and Infrastructures, Data Centers, Museums,…

TPhase eSafe Applications:

Electrical Infrastructures, Perimetric Intrusion detection, Data Centers, Museums,…

What does it mean for You ?​

Early Detection

Fiber Optic Sensing Highly Sensitive to Thermal or Physical Activity


Extended coverage in remote locations, blind spots and harsh environments


Localization of the event at the fiber-scale level to facilitate the intervention


Substantial Reduction of Human Hazards, Infrastructure damages, Operational & Business Continuity shut-down​


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