TPhase Solution Overview

A continuous, highly sensitive sensor, leaving no blind spots

Where Point Sensors will only detect heat signatures at close vicinity,  providing a limited, discrete and partial information, TPhase captures convection and radiation heat exchanges all along the optic fiber sensor.  


Sensor design flexibility and adaptability

Capitalizing on the Fiber Optic intrinsic properties (low signal loss, Electro-Magnetic immunity, suitable for ATEX, humid and corrosive environments), TPhase  offers great flexibility in 1D, 2D & 3D sensing design approaches, to capture thermal signature along a continuous line, a surface, or a volume. Depending on the application and thermal environment, event detection and threshold values.

A Sensor Ecosystem

TPhase can be combined to complementary, localized digital sensors via a 1-Wire / Modbus communication protocol.

Communication and Compatibility with external workflows

TPhase can be connected directly to workflows (SCADA), Building Management Systems (BMS) and Fire Detection Center of all brands using Industrial Protocols, Ethernet, wireless connections (WiFi, SigFox, LoRaWan,…), ensuring a smooth data-integration to your existing infrastructure and in our Cloud Based Platform.

A disruptive, affordable, linear sensing solution

Most Fiber Optic Sensing techniques are based on the measurement of the wavelength and the intensity of the light back-scattered by the fiber at the measuring point. These techniques require the use of expensive spectrometers, making them unaffordable for most applications.

TPhase’s proprietary and patented Interferometry Analysis and Image Processing approach provides a cost-effective solution to benefit from the Optic Fiber sensing capabilities in a broad scope of applications.

Discover how TPhase differentiates from the conventional Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies:

TPhase Fiber Optic Sensing: Key Features 

A Continuous, Integrated, Linear Sensor leaving no Blind Spots

High Sensitivity

Min variation threshold  0.01 K/min

Distance Range:

Few meters to 2 km

Temperature Range:

-40C to 1200C


Electrically passive, 

Insensitive to EM interference

Prone for ATEX, humid 


corrosive environments

Low Power

Low Consumption

Low Losses

Max Acquisition Frequency: 



on existing Fibre Optic installation

Compatibility with external workflows 

and alarming systems

1D, 2D, 3D Sensing Design 

Customization Capability

A substantial cost-reduction provided by the Interferometric Image Processing 

TPhase EV Solution
TPhase Ecosystem-1

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